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Find our handcrafted steel fire logs at select partner locations. Our partners ensure you receive the best quality and service. Visit one of our trusted retail partners to experience the beauty and functionality of our steel fire logs in person.

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Visit our online shop to see our full range of steel fire logs. When you purchase from our online shop, we will coordinate with you to ship the logs directly to your location. Browse our selection and find the perfect set of logs for your gas fire pit.

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Why Buy Steel Fire Logs

Steel Fire Studio collaborates with retailers, designers, and gas fire pit owners who want to transform their patio into an extraordinary outdoor space.

While synthetic logs may seem like a convenient option, they simply don’t match the performance of handcrafted steel fire logs. Synthetic logs degrade over time, potentially blocking your gas line and requiring maintenance.

Invest in a unique steel log set that fits your gas line perfectly and provides a circle of intense, smokeless heat. Our steel fire logs ensure durability and superior heat output for your gas fire pit or fire table.

Revitalize your uninspiring fire pit or fire table with our steel fire logs. Add a warm glow that will make you eager to turn on your fire pit whenever it gets chilly. Impress your friends as they admire the beauty of your upgraded fire feature, while you relax with your favorite IPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each piece is hand-made, one of a kind. I make each piece by hand so no matter how big or small your fire pit or place is, I can make it to the size you desire! Due to licensing, I cannot use other company's logos or trademarks. However, I can do something custom that doesn’t infringe on other licenses.
Each steel log is a one-of-a-kind sculpture handcrafted by Jon Brooks, our studio artist, to resemble the look of a wood log. Placed on a gas fire pit or fireplace, they will give you the look of an authentic fire without the hassle of buying, lighting and cleaning up after wood. They are made from the highest grade quarter-inch steel to last you a lifetime.
Setting up the logs is very easy! Using a pair of regular work gloves, set them above the burners on your pit or in your fireplace in any arrangement you like. The logs can be used on top of any gas or propane outdoor fire pit. They can also be used indoors in gas fireplaces.
Maintain a safe distance between the steel logs and any combustible materials such as furniture, plants, and decor. Regularly inspect your steel logs and the surrounding area for debris or nests. Consider barriers or protective screens around the heating area to prevent accidental contact by children or pets.
The logs will get a patina rust on them, giving them a more authentic look. However, they are made of quarter inch steel pipe, which will last virtually forever! Unlike other options such as ceramic logs, steel logs won't burn away or degrade over time. They maintain their attractive appearance for years, ensuring your outdoor space remains inviting and stylish season after season.
For those concerned about the environment, steel logs used with a gas or propane fire pit can offer a more eco-friendly option than burning wood, emitting fewer pollutants, conserving natural resources and eliminating the risks associated with flying sparks or embers. Steel logs are a safe, green and clean way to quickly add a resort feel to your backyard or fireplace. Because they are metal, they will quickly get hot and provide approximately double the heat for the same gas output, unlike fire pits with lava rocks or fireplaces with fake logs. The steel is never recycled. It is 100% brand new, schedule 40, quarter inch steel. We want to make sure there are no toxic fumes when you turn on your gas line!
Steel logs, making your outdoor fire experience safer while still enjoying the warmth and visual appeal of a real flame. The flickering flames and the warm glow reflecting off the steel logs create a mesmerizing and inviting atmosphere. This ambiance is perfect for relaxing solo moments or gatherings, making your outdoor space the go-to spot for unwinding. The presence of a fire feature with steel logs encourages conversation, relaxation, and a sense of togetherness among friends and family.
These logs are meant to sit atop an existing gasline, so the only cost is the logs themselves! We offer a range of pricing. The logs themselves vary in price depending on size, design, and customization options, ensuring there's a choice that fits both your aesthetic and budget. We're committed to making our products accessible and affordable, so don't hesitate to ask about an individualized financing solution.
To order, you can select from the following three convenient options. Visit one of our retail partners near you to view the selection in person and purchase directly. Choose from one of our most popular options available in our store, offering a range of styles and sizes that cater to various tastes and needs. If you're looking for something uniquely yours, inquire about a custom set. We can work with you to create steel logs that perfectly match your vision and outdoor space. Once you've placed your order, the delivery and installation process will begin. For standard orders, you can purchase on www.RekoHub.com and meet me at the Durango Farmers Market to pick up your set. For custom orders, we'll keep you updated on the progress and expected completion date. Upon arrival, using a pair of regular work gloves, set them above the burners on your pit or in your fireplace in any arrangement you like.
I have partnered with multiple retailers across the United States. If you’re interested in viewing in-person before purchasing, check out this list to see if there’s one near you. If you are in the SW Colorado area, I am happy to bring a log set for you to see in your backyard. I may just ask to take some pictures while I am there for my website.
One of our happy customers, Jennifer, said this, “These logs do not disappoint. They are artwork on fire. Just had my first fire out on the patio. Beautiful how the logs let the flame dance thru them. I know that several people have these but they are truly one of a kind. If I ever sell my house, I'll be taking the logs with me.”
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About Steel Fire Studio

Steel Fire Studio is a family owned and operated business. We began in a grage in Oklahoma City. Since then, Jon Brooks has moved to Durango, Colorado where he lives with his wife and two children. At Steel Fire Studio, we specialize in creating unique steel art logs designed to enhance the aesthetic of your fireplace or firepit. Each piece is meticulously crafted, offering a blend of artistic design and functionality. Our steel logs not only provide a stunning visual appeal but also withstand high temperatures, ensuring durability and safety. After crafting for over four years, Steel Fire STudio has yet to have a single unsatisfied customer. Discover the perfect addition to your fire feature and transform your space with our artistic creations.

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